What Our Clients Say

Amber Willits


If I had to choose one word to describe Emil, it would be passionate! I love Emil's positive energy, funny personality, and hard work ethic. I met Emil early in 2016 and I purposely woke up at 5:30am just so I could take his classes. Emil constantly pushes me, motivates me, and genuinely cares about my fitness goals. When Covid-19 hit, I had to move home and wanted to mix up my workout routine. Knowing Emil, I contacted him and asked for help. I needed his butt kicking workouts and knew with my motivation and his passion to help me succeed, I could do it. I've been working with Emil virtually since July, as he sends me monthly workouts. He even includes a bonus workout sometimes! Emil always reaches out to touch base during the week and at the end of the month, to assess how I feel. Since July, I have become stronger, lost inches in every area of my body and I feel amazing. He's incorporated the minimal amount of equipment I have to give me challenging workouts. He encourages me to check out great places around the Bay Area for equipment as well to add more "fun"! Emil is invested in my success. Emil is one of the best fitness trainers in the industry. I am grateful for his friendship and knowledge about personal training. I look forward to Emil helping me achieve my goals. As many would say, it's a good thing when we finish a workout and "Blame It On Emil!"


After all the gyms shut down, I contacted Emil to design a program for me that I could do with the workout gear I had at home. I sent him a picture of my equipment and he provided an easy to follow written program that I could use 2-3 times a week. I love the workouts because they offer a huge amount of variety using the limited gear I own. After three months, I added a socially distanced Saturday small group training session on the sidewalk in front of my house. Emil uses a good balance of support, humor and coaching to push me to perform better. During the 6 months that I have been using these programs I feel like I have improved both strength and endurance. I would strongly recommend Emil to anyone who is looking to start, continue or challenge their fitness journey.
Claudie Leece


"I've had the pleasure of training with Emil for 5+ years. His programming is consistently challenging and always pushing me with new movements. Now that we're 3000 miles apart, I was delighted when Emil designed a program around my existing equipment and goals that fits into my schedule well. Emil is always checking in to see how my workouts are going, giving me feedback on my progression, and letting me know how to tweak my gameplan based on new gear. Emil is a great person, trainer and motivator - always striving to help his clients reach their goals."


I love Emil's online training program. After the COVID-19, I managed to secure some weight equipment to workout in my garage. Working with Emil ensures that I warm up properly, get a healthy combination of strength, and metabolic conditioning workout in about 60 minutes. The workouts are tailored to me, my needs, and are designed specifically for my equipment. After each session, Emil listens to my feedback and adjusts the plan to continue challenging me, ensuring progressive overload. I have started to see an increase in my strength within the first two weeks working with him.
Fuad Malikov
Gaby Rojas


My fitness and health are very important to me. I train 6-7 days a week, so I pay special attention to my workouts and how my body responds to them. I have been training with Emil for about 4 years, and having him as my trainer has been one of the best decisions that I have made. I started training with him in small group classes, once a week, it immediately became one of the best days of the week! The group workouts were always challenging and fun. Emil quickly gets to know you so he understands what you are capable of. He will give you that extra push that you do not know you have in you. He also pays close attention to form and technique, and you get stronger and faster, and most importantly you stay healthy in the process. Due to COVID-19 I started training on my own in my garage gym. I reached out to Emil to get 5-day training programs based on the equipment I have and my personal goals. His programs have kept me not only engaged and motivated to workout, but also I have learned so much about how my body responds to different types of training. Each workout has a purpose and it is well structured. After finishing a workout I feel tired but not destroyed, satisfied with my effort and already looking forward to the next training day. Emil is always open for feedback and constantly reaches out to me to know how my training is going. I send him videos of my workouts, he answers all my questions not only about how to correctly perform a movement but also about the purpose of the workout. Emil has so much knowledge around training. I could not be happier with my results, I am free of injuries, moving well, gaining strength and constantly being challenged both mentally and physically.


I reached out to Emil for his Kettlebell Training Program back in June. I found that program to be challenging and motivating to a level where I felt improvement and more confidence with each workout. I have also reached out to Emil for in-person training sessions and he is always finding new ways to use what I have in the workouts. From my driveway curb to attaching bands off the back off his truck for complex movements, Emil is flexible and intentional in giving me a workout that fits my needs. My favorite moments in Emil's workouts is when he hands me a heavier weight than I think to use. He shows me how much stronger I am getting.
Joy Foster
Jyrki Hoisko


Emil's workouts are truly remarkable. They have the right amount of diversity and every day they are different keeping things interesting. I was specifically interested in improving my capability to hike and fly fish and I expressed these wishes to Emil. He quickly devised a program that would address these areas of my concern. I followed his program for a few months, and when it came time to hike in Yosemite - lo and behold I had the strength and stamina like I haven't had before! Thanks to Emil's workouts, I can now also have an extra scoop of ice cream (occasionally).


Emil has coached me for six years both in variously sized group training classes and individually via custom workouts. I strongly recommend his fitness training services to anyone who wants an effective, challenging, and high-intensity fitness program. High-intensity doesn't mean death by burpees but rather a thoughtful set of functional fitness programming which provides variety, safety, balance, and improves my ability to move well and look good! He provides custom training programs based on your fitness goals and whatever equipment you have available, and which accommodate any physical restrictions. Additionally he provides lots of helpful demonstrations via Instagram and Facebook. The expertise and guidance Emil has provided through several 4-week rounds of my strength and conditioning training during shelter in place have been amazing. His updates and redesigning of my custom programs keeps me progressing consistently and provides constant challenge. I've gained both strength and improved form in many of the exercises, including both barbell and kettlebell cleans, and I've maintained strength and form in others such as the deadlift. Emil welcomes my questions and promptly provides helpful replies and feedback with care and a quirky sense of humor. So try out Emil's coaching and fitness programs and expect fantastic results!
Kim Hubbard


I have been training with Coach Emil at ReBorn Performance since April 2020. The workouts that he creates and demonstrates online are great! They’re user friendly, and you can adjust them as needed to match your fitness level. Partnering with Coach Emil at ReBorn Performance is an excellent way to get and stay fit! Coach Emil has been designing monthly personal training programs for me since April 2020. I have been training with him since 2014, and he knows my personal fitness level very well. This enables him to create detailed and thorough programming for me that is both challenging and fun! He listens to the fitness goals that I set for myself, and he builds workouts that get me in the physical shape that I need to get them accomplished! I have successfully completed all of the GORUCK and Spartan endurance events that I have undertaken with the help of his training. We also connect live at least once per week for personal online training sessions. Which is awesome, because I have been training in my garage alone since March 2020! I highly recommend Coach Emil and ReBorn Performance!

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