About Emil


My name is Emil Tchalamov and I am a Personal Trainer, Coach and Owner of ReBorn Performance. I help you create sustainable relationships with exercise and movement through personalized approach to physical and mental health. I offer In-Person Private or Semi-Private Training, Remote Training (via video call) and Personalized Online Training Programs.

My Background

I have been involved in movement and athletics for over 30 years. Growing up in Bulgaria, being active and constantly moving is a part of everyday life. I was also a competitive track and field athlete through high school and college. This is where I first start learning not just about training, but about people’s emotions, struggles and mental focus when it comes to fitness and training. And what I remember is that consistent movement always made people happy. My coaches, my fellow athletes, the crowd watching us perform, and all the people who I’d see exercising...everyone was happy. I applied this knowledge and observation from my young years to my profession of personal training and coaching. Movement and exercise are about improving our quality of life.

My Process

The programs I create for my clients go much deeper than just the vanity aspect, which by the way is totally fine. We all want to look great. Personal Training and coaching is about helping people reinvent themselves, about helping them write new chapters of their life story. Chapters where they are more active than ever, more consistent with their good habits, where they completed a race or a ride with their kids, where they picked up a new recreational sport, where they reduced the dose of their medication, where they started cooking at home and so many more amazing examples. I created ReBorn Performance for anyone who wants to create a relationship with movement and exercise that is sustainable and that allows them to create amazing chapters of their own life story.